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craft [Dec. 8th, 2006|10:00 am]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Before the Throne of God above]

hello people
i often feel guilty about how little i see my parents these days, what with being so busy most nights and all. however, being on holidays and at home during the day means i can catch up with doing the important things.
like craft.
my mum's class has all this christmas craft that needs to be finished so they can take it home at the end of the year.
this includes:
two wreaths made of pipe cleaners and lace (you thread the pipe cleaner through the holes in the lace, join it up and it looks pretty)
one christmas bauble with sequins pasted on
one box of lollies with a card and decorations on the top

So, yesterday i spent 4 hours
*threading ribbon onto 40 wreaths so they can hang on a tree
*working out how to use a glue gun
*using said glue gun to glue 40 small ribbons onto wreaths
*gluing ribbon into 20 baubles so they can hang on a tree

whilst doing all this in front of the tv, i managed to watch madegascar, bill bailey's part troll, and to kill a mockingbird.

i like craft :)

today i have
*stitched my broken umbrella
*painted my fingernails
*watered my brother's plant
*put together the lolly boxes for mum. each child receives two chocolate christmas coins, 3 normal chocolate gold coins, two choclate santas, two regular chocolate eclair lollies, two minty chocolate eclair lollies, and a cherry (eeew) candy cane. lucky buggers.

oh, and last night dave and i put up his tree. i bought it for him last year. it has optic fibres and looks cool when lit up.

have to go and clean room some more too.

see ya
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hello [Aug. 29th, 2006|07:45 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |King without a crown - Matisyahu]

i'm sorry i haven't been posting.
I'm not dead, i just haven't really bothered to make the effort. Also, didn't start semester very well and now have piles of work to do so don't really have time.
thats it i guess.
hope everyone is good
can't wait to catch up in mid semester break or whenever we can
Love, Belinda
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things [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:18 pm]
[Current Location |computer - duh]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |whatever's on Triple M]

well, its been ages since i posted properly about what i've been doing and that.
mainly due to busyness and studying for exams.

Well, before exams, i happened to go to 4 parties. Yes, Belinda the wild child.
First was Dave's friend Mich's birthday party. Twas muchly fun. I drove over to Balgowlah from Cronulla that day. I was in cronulla in the morning for a meeting with Albion Park mission people, and then i drove from one end of sydney to the other, having a few near accidents on the way, stupid king street. But her party was fun. She made it an inner child themed party, and i was asked to bring my set of twister along to contribute to the games.
We played twister, the donut game, hit a pinata, and earlier in the party (which i missed due to aformentioned driving for 1.5 hours) they played pass the parcel, the orange passing game, and they iced milk arrowroot biscuits and made faces. Its kinda funny, it was like, erm, i was still doing this two years ago at my 18th, its not much of a trip down memory lane for me. But Dave's friends are older and it was a novelty for them. Its kinda funny, i was watching Scooby Doo on tv saturday morning and chuckling away cos its so funny and predictable, and my mum was like, oh, are you revisiting your childhood and i'm like, i never left.

Party number two was Dave's friend Catherine's Cocktail party to celebrate her graduating and getting a job. She works in the Australian museum gift store and also for Manly Council. It was a small party, and we got there a bit early so we had some dinner and that. I had a cocktail called a multiple orgasm. Baileys, strawberry liqueur and Galliano i think. it was very strong. i'm so not a drinker. then i had a mocktail with coconut cream and orange juice which was surprisingly nice. We were both tired that night and so we went home around 10ish.

Party Number 3 was Catherine's birthday party. She had an "elderly" theme cos she was turning 25 and feeling old. i dressed up in my "kath" from kath and kim top, which i bought at vinnies which is aquamarine green with big red parrots on it. sooo hideous. very comfy tho. and some big pearl earrings too. and bright red lipstick. She had made blue jelly cups with lolly teeth in them like old people's false teeth in the glass of water. and she made little cups and filled them with little round lollies like pills. and she made cupcakes and had humbugs and it was all very funny. Best of all was catherine's costume. She wore this tartan skirt with a slip underneath that was very visible, and a cream blouse with a lacy collar, and she had pinned some freezer bags of rice to her bra to make some fake saggy nanna boobs. and she powdered her hair and put it in a bun, and had beige stockings and slippers. best costume ever. i was really tired again and didn't really talk to many people.

Party number 4 was My Dave's birthday party!!! woot!
His birthday was the 14th June and we had a cake (and i made cupcakes) and gathering at his brother Nick's place after tutoring last wednesday, but we had a proper party on saturday night. Squeezed in between gamelan dress rehearsal and gamelan performance, btw. Dave's party was the best one. mainly because i knew nearly everyone already. It was very relaxed but fun. All of Dave's friends are really nice. It was a good mix, and everyone seemed to be enjoying talking. Dave only had a party once every 5 years or so so although i had seen them all recently, they hadn't seen each other since dave's 23rd. Dave asked some of them to bring some food so there was plenty of food. I had a lovely time talking to dave's neighbour joel, his ex-girlfriend camilla, Joyce from st john and catherine's boyfriend James. indeed twas a success.

Gamelan: people have probably heard about how i do gamelan already. out big performance was the day before my first exam. It was a sell out crowd, and we got a standing ovation. Although we didn't feel very well prepared because we didn't get much time to rehearse, and indeed a few people got very badly stuffed up in a few pieces, no one noticed or cared cos they were too busy enjoying the performance, with beautiful dancing and singing. My folks loved it, apparently the Indonesian Consul General or whatever he's called started the standing ovation. My Dave did marvellously well considering he got drafted two weeks before. We went to Campbelltown from Dee Why the morning after Dave's Party (another big drive, sarcastic yay) and yeah, i was very happy with how i played, and i think everyone had an awesome time. I was very tired on the way home and i had to study for my exam the next day too.

Exams went ok. Biomolecules i felt went very well, and Organic structures i stuffed the last question on sigmatropic rearrangements but i didn't know it anyway. should be ok. i'll just wait and see how we go. Oh, and i also had to write an essay due the day after the gamelan concert. i wrote it friday afternoon at uni in about 3 hours. wankiest essay ever. but i'm not complaining. its done now.

woot free time. yay tidying up my room.
going to mic in hand tonight. first time i've gone, cos gamelan is usually on thursday nights.
I'm going into the city tomorrow from 10-2 for child protection training for church - its compulsory. then saturday i'm going to a party in st peters for a girl from gamelan, dave's doing BERT at the swans game saturday night, then sunday its children's church and then volunteering at the enmore for high school theatresports. then probably working monday and tuesday.
where was that free time?
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whinge [Jun. 7th, 2006|03:14 pm]
[mood |crankycranky]

seriously, i shouldn't complain, but my parents need to worry less.

i asked them about whether i should get a bike recently, you know, wanting to be active and healthy and such, and their immediate response was no, it's too dangerous. Then i asked them a few weeks later about whether i should get some rollerblades, for the same reasons, just that i used to love it and want to get some exercise done, and the same thing, no it's too dangerous, you'll hurt yourself. its in the same tradition of "don't run, you'll fall" which they've been saying to me for years and years. i don't think it's happened since i was 5 but they won't ever let me forget it.

Its soooo frustrating, they think they are doing what's best for me, protecting me from a perceived danger, but in the end i just wish i could try some things and make mistakes and such. Because i still live at home they know they can control what i do. And i won't disobey them, and they know this.

I guess sarah's post just reminded me of this. Her parents are encouraging her to travel, but mine are the opposite.

I want to go to Indonesia, right? i'm studying the language, and i've reached a point where i won't get any better unless i go there and be immersed in it. I want to travel, i'm young, i want to do something different and meet new people and have new and different experiences. ANd, i wouldn't mind getting a taste for mission work. Anyway, a friend of mine really wants to go to indonesia too, and she has a friend who's dad works for CMS, a well respected and established christian institution that organises short term mission trips. He could organise a short trip, maybe 2 or 3 weeks in a part of indonesia where we could teach english or volunteer with orphans or something else totally awesome and worthwhile, and i would pay for the whole thing (get a pre xmas job etc).
My folks said straight out no.
My dad said something about being financially independent before doing something like that. When i mentioned the fact i would be funding the thing myself, both my parents had this story

That i'm too trusting and naive, that Indonesia is too dangerous, there's too much hatred of the west and of Christians because its a muslim country, that they just want what's best for me...
you can't stop living just because there are terrorists in the world.
you can't just say i'm too naive because if they never let me do anything then i really will be naive and never learn anything.
Indonesia is not homogeneous - there are large sections that are Christian.
Do they think i'll be trekking through the jungle preaching to lost tribes in some hostile muslim place? I'll be in an established area, under the protection of a well known and respected group, there would be about 5 or 6 of us, including this girl whose dad will be running it.
I just wish they wouldn't worry so much and let me get on with doing what i would like to do.
This is the ideal time, i'm young, still at uni, studying the language, have good connections.

But i'll continue to do what they want, because i owe them a lot.
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stuff [May. 22nd, 2006|10:18 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |nuthin]

i had a good day today.
i discovered that the essay i thought was due next monday is actually due next friday.
I got 79 for my Indonesian Essay Portfolio.
I had a yummy lunch of satay chicken i took in to uni and heated in the uni microwave
i didn't have to sleep during my free hour - i could stay awake all day
i've been reading a really good book
i had a good chat to poker about the second coming of jesus - very interesting
i heard a great talk at equip today on what christianity should look like - and it confirmed what i have suspected for a long time, that it is involved in integral mission ie having integrity. that means practising what you preach, living out what you say. It was great.
I had hot chocolate with Dave after uni at gloria jeans, with a 2 for 1 voucher.
i made nachos and they were yummy
i did some indonesian homework
then i updated my journal

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procrastinating [May. 14th, 2006|11:10 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Wherever you will go - The Calling]

hey guys
i'm meant to be doing my essay portfolio right now, its due tomorrow, but i figure i can have a break and update this.

thanks to everyone who commented and said they hoped i was feeling better, after my last post. i am, thank you very much. it was just one of those days when you get really down.

i really should count my blessings.
Awesome loving family
Comfortable house
having enough money to do pretty much what i want (although i complain i am very very lucky)
plenty of everything including lots of stuff i don't need
Food in my belly
Lovely boyfriend who makes me very happy and whom i love very much
going to university, a great priviledge
enjoying chemistry and indonesian still
volunteering, meeting people and helping them
lovely church family, working with little kids that brings me so much joy
reading, music, walking
people who care about me, my wonderful friends, like you :)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1
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tired [May. 4th, 2006|04:00 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

i don't know why i'm so tired. I've lived for months on less sleep than i'm getting now. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. And when i do sleep i get overheated, and its restless sleep, filled with weird dreams, that leaves me more tired than when i went to bed. and i've been really over-emotional. getting upset or teary at the littlest things. There's huge dark circles under my eyes at the moment. i took today off, because i woke up with a yukky cold with a burning throat and runny nose. i slept for another 3 hours after i woke up, felt a bit better, did some tidying, ate some food, and then felt tired again. i spent the whole ferry trip home and train trip home just with my eyes shut with nothing in my mind, just listening vaguely to make sure i didn't miss my stop. I could go to bed now i reckon, and sleep some more. i don't know if i should get it checked out or not. i am doing more uni work than last year, truth be told. but i feel so tired and unmotivated. my subjects are all getting too hard and boring, its hard to keep interested when theres so much. i sometimes wonder whether i'm doing the right subjects at all, whether i should have done something else. oh well, maybe i'm just down at the moment and things will pick up. but i've rarely felt this blah before.
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Belinda needs... [Apr. 15th, 2006|01:31 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |evermore]

Belinda needs to be patient because at any time she can be deployed.

Belinda needs to be moved to a smaller, less important Ministry.

Belinda needs the salary.

Belinda needs to know that learning the diet is easy.

Belinda needs to make a livable home for them and their son, and hopes to bring back some elegance and grandeur.

Belinda needs assistance providing white paper.

Belinda needs all the heavenly help she can get this morning.

Belinda needs new braces or Tommy needs a new tuba

Belinda needs to be asked to leave the group if such behavior continues.

- Hehe these are from google, i just typed in "Belinda needs". Some very random and amusing stuff.
anyways, shall update properly later.
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i'm so over uni [Apr. 2nd, 2006|09:28 pm]
[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |Your Song - Elton John]

grrr i'm so over uni. its not like i wish i was in the workforce or anything, that would suck even more, but i'm really sick of all the uni work. I spent the whole weekend doing chemistry and indonesian. And the thing is, i didn't even get that much work done. Trish my lab partner basically did a 13 page lab report without me cos she's a genius, all i did was write the abstract, conclusion, and insert a figure and a table. woo for me. It took me 2 hours on sunday just to read the damn thing and work out what "we" had done. She's awesome and i'm totally feeling slack for not contributing more, but i did spend all saturday doing research for my indonesian presentation thats due monday week that i have to do. i have to have at least 5 articles in indonesian as my sources, and it takes hours reading them and understanding them. its a 15 min talk, with powerpoint, and then i have to answer questions from the class for 20 min. i'm actually quite scared. And i completed my indonesian weekly summary. its very handy when dave comes over and looks up vocab for me while i'm writing. makes it so much quicker. I guess i'm starting to realise it perhaps wasn't the smartest thing to do to finish both my majors this year. Its really the fact that i have no weeknights to do anything that screws me up every weekend. and i also am not good at managing my time when i do have it. doh. i think every year at uni it gets progressively worse. my folks really want me to concentrate on uni this year, they were'nt happy at my two 74s last semester, they reckon i should have tried harder to get those distinctions. Even my EU stuff has been cut back. I'm only doing 4 extra hours a week, rather than the 6 or 7 i was doing last semester. i missed the science faculty weekend away this weekend cos of stupid uni work. rats. anyways, must stop ranting.

In other news, Dave and i are very very happy. we see each other at least 4 days a week, and i wish it was seven. we talk at least once a day, and text more than that. Everything about him is wonderful. He listens to me prattle on about random boring stuff and doesn't ever complain. He's good at warming me up when i'm cold by giving me a big hug. He's funny and clever and makes me laugh. He has an awesome smile that blows me away whenever i see it. He puts up with me nagging him about putting his things away in the same place so he doesn't lose them. He's always bringing food to my house for my family. He's so friendly and outgoing and chatty, it makes me want to come out of my shell more and talk to people. He's so dedicated to his friends and family, always emailing them and texting them and keeping in touch - which puts me to shame. He loves animals and animals love him, he has such a gentle spirit. He comes along to stuff with me even though he has no idea what's going on. I love him so much. Dave rocks. He's a champion.
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its been six months... [Mar. 23rd, 2006|10:43 pm]
[mood |awakeawake -what more do you want?]
[music |hey leonardo (she likes me for me) - Blessid union of souls]

...since dave and i have been going out, as of the 18th. the time has sure gone quickly. we're so happy together. I love him dearly, i wish i could spend every moment with him. when i am with him i am so very happy, its wonderful, i can't describe it. and i know he loves me too. i was listening to the CD he made me for our first month anniversary, listening to the songs and especially the lyrics. There are some very deep and personal songs on that cd. Whenever i listen to it, i feel reassured knowing that he feels the same way too. I miss him when i don't see him. When i am with him, it feels like everything will be ok.
We went to Manly surf school on saturday for our 6 month anniversary. It was a lot of fun. i like pretty much all the sports i try and this was no different. however, i probably would have enjoyed it even more if i was a bit fitter because it was very frustrating not being able to drag a board along a beach, or be able to lift it or anything. And because i can't see heaps well without my glasses i couldn't feel entirely comfortable, especially when we found some bluebottles. I managed to kneel on the board, and once semi-stand before i almost knocked myself out with the nose of the board. Dave did really well, he must have stood up 3 or 4 times. However, he hurt his shoulder and now he can't go to the state championships for dragon boating.
This weekend i was going to have saturday off to catch up on uni work but they were desparate for people so i've volunteered to do a st john duty at royal hall of industries. then in the arvo dave and i will go and buy zoe and matt a pressie and then we're going to una's at broadway to enjoy a german dinner. then sun will be church - engagement party-church. another packed weekend.
hope the comedy at glebe was good tonight, i had a good meeting with my summer conference people. sonia got us lindor balls, and had personally made cross stich cards for all of us. it was awesome.
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